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Commercial Management, Quantity Surveying, Estimating and Dispute Resolution Services

We can assist with all aspects of financial control for your project, providing sound and reliable commercial advice ensuring value for money and limiting risk.


Cost Planning

We provide feasibility cost advice to assist with the early decisions of your project. Initial cost planning is an essential tool to gauge a projects viability.  A cost plan can highlight areas of the build that may be more expensive than first thought.  A robust cost plan gives the client opportunity to effectively target those areas by changing the selected materials through considered value engineering to ensure the client’s budget is maintained.


We provide a comprehensive suite of Pre-Contract services.  Procuring the works correctly is essential to delivering a successful project.  We provide full scope of works for each package including a detailed pricing document.  We ensure a full pack of all enquiry information is properly prepared and sent to the Contractors for tender.  We complete an analysis of tender returns and provide detailed recommendation for appointment.  Following Contractor recommendation, we prepare all contractual documentation for Client and Contractor execution. 

Post Contract

We provide full Commercial Management Services during the course of the works.  We manage the Contractors applications for payment ensuring the Client satisfies its obligations under legislation.  We provide assessments of works complete and recommendations for certification.  We manage change control, ensuring the Contractors are working to the latest design information and changes in scope are valued fairly.  We provide progressive cost reports to keep the Client informed of the anticipated final project cost and recommendations for settlement values of Contractor Final Accounts.  

Contract Administration

We can perform the role of a Contract Administrator.  We ensure that the Contract between that Client and its Contractors are managed correctly.  We pay particular attention to the conditions of contract managing those agreements diligently.  We ensure that the Client is regularly updated with the progress of the works, manage adjustments to the contract price and programme, ensuring the correct determinations are made and supplied to the Contractor in accordance with the terms agreed.

Dispute Resolution

Construction is a complex industry. Projects involve legally binding documents, large sums of money, and many moving parts.  It is not uncommon for disputes to arise. If they’re significant and disruptive enough, they can cause significant problems on a Project.  We can provide advice on disputes that have crystallised and recommendations on how best to deal with the matters complained of.

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